Let’s Produce the Best Value for Your Ideas

Nick Masciantonio: Principal of CommuniquéDirect Studios.

Nick has been in the broadcasting and broadcast distribution industries for nearly 15 years in various roles in public affairs and government relations roles.  Since 2006, he has owned and operated the Studio specializing in public affairs broadcast, webcast and multimedia projects for public, private and not-for-profit clients.

As the Senior Producer Nick works with your project associates and their ideas to meet all your deadlines, budgets and production quality standards.



In Our Studios or Across the Country

CommuniquéDirect has developed a team of production associates in town and across Canada.  So no matter the size and scope of your ideas we have the capacity to deliver the professional production quality you deserve.

In The Field

Our crews have traveled to and/or sourced project footage in Halifax, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto and GTA, the North and St. Louis (US).

We have working relationships with many cable community channels and other broadcasters and understand their time and technical requirements.

Special events are always enhanced by proper staging, lighting and audio.  So no matter the size of your venue we can make sure your production projects remain the star of the show.  We have a working relationship with many staging companies that have staged numerous large events and conference, public, business, Ministerial and Prime Ministerial level announcements.

From time to time acting talent, transcriptions and translations are required to make a video “work” for the target audience or achieve the adaptation in another language.

Decisions on the best value for our client will be made and confirmed in writing between CommuniquéDirect and project managers with full disclosure of costs, proposed individual subcontractors and confirmation of complementary skills, production styles and professional equipment.